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Promoting Open Access peer-reviewed publishing and leaving the copyright ownership of publications to authors and reviewers.

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We are on a mission to revolutionize the scientific publishing and empower the authors and researchers to keep the ownership of their work. Authors will have the choice to publish their work as Open Access with lower fees or retain the ownership of their work.

This is achieved through our decentralized publishing platform which publishes your scientific work as a smart contract.

What SCIN Brings To The Scientific Community?

SCIN empowers authors/researchers to own their publishing and decide if they want to publish it as open access or earn lifetime royalties on their work. Through our decentralized nature, we are able to provide authors with a platform to publish their work as a smart contract.

We are revolutionizing the peer-review publishing by incentivizing reviewers to review the publications with more accountability and responsibility. This is achieved by our unique fair system of distribution of royalties.

Open Access

Promoting Open Access publishing by reducing the publishing costs

Copyright Ownership

Authors will retain the copyright ownership of their work.

Royalty Earning

Collaborators of the publication could choose to earn royalty for their work.

Expedited Reviewing

Incentivized peer-review process to ensure timely and high quality reviews of the manuscript.

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